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California Bear T-Shirt

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

California Bear, California, Sunset, Beach, Beach Sunset
California Bear Beach Sunset

A while ago I made a t-shirt design with the California bear (shown on the right). I remembered I had uploaded the design to my DesignByHumans store but I recently noticed that the design was not there. I don't know if I deleted the design or if the website took it down. I thought that the DBH website had taken it down but with a quick Google search found out that the bear is not copy written and is able to be used in merchandise as long as it is not used to deceive people by someone impersonating a government official.

So what do I do now that my design is gone? Easy, I created another one.

California Bear Beach Sunset, California Bear, Beach Sunset, Sunset, Beach
California Beach Beach Sunset

Because I was smart enough to save the file, I was able to recreate the design that I lost on my shop. I had one problem though. The image that I had used in the background was not found on my computer which pretty much means I deleted it. Oh no! No worries, once again, with a quick "royalty free image" search on Google I was able to find another background that made the logo pop! See the result on the right.

I am currently trying to join Merch by Amazon in order to sell products with my designs. For now, DesignByHumans is my place to sell products but once I am accepted into Amazon I will probably use that instead. I will update you with details as soon as I can. If you like my work check out the home page for my Instagram work.

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