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First Tufted Rug VS Latest

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

When I first started my journey in tufting, I made a couple of small rugs and found myself questioning if I had made a $300+ mistake. Although the process seemed simple, the results were not to my liking, and I wondered if this was the right creative outlet for me. However, as someone who doesn't give up easily, I kept at it and continued to practice. After six months of dedication, my work has significantly improved.

To begin, I chose a simple image for my design, as I knew that a detailed image would have been much harder to execute. Despite my best efforts, I still faced some complications and made mistakes along the way. One of the most significant lessons I learned was to flip the image, a tip I now give to all beginners.

Another mistake I made was not knowing how to space my lines, resulting in gaps and overlaps in the rug. There were even areas of the rug that I forgot to tuft. Although these mistakes were evident in the finished product, I knew that it was all part of the learning process.

I added a nonslip backing cloth to my rugs but did not fully cover the whole shape, therefore there are many areas that are raised and the back appears wrinkled as a result.

Overall, you can tell that a beginner did these rugs and that it's OK since that is what I was, a beginner. It is at this point that I decided to keep working and improving in making these rugs. And I am so glad I did because now I can create more intricate designs.

To improve my rugs, I invested in fabric scissors and a cordless trimmer, which significantly reduced the time needed to detail the rug. I also made improvements to the backing, ensuring that the entire rug was covered with glue and adding twill tape to hide the edges of the tufting cloth.

The addition of a tag with my logo on the backside added a professional touch to the rug and made it stand out.

Although having the right tools and equipment helped, the most significant factor in improving the quality of my rugs was practice. Hours upon hours of practice led to a greater understanding of the craft and enabled me to make better choices in creating faster and better-looking rugs.

Just remember that no matter where you are right now, if you keep working on your craft, you'll be better tomorrow.


It is important to remember that regardless of where you are in your journey, with dedication and perseverance, you will continue to improve. I have enjoyed my experience with tufting and encourage anyone interested to give it a try. Check out my gear page for the tools and equipment that have helped me create my hand-tufted rugs.

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