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MrSour1's Initiative Tracker

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I've just started to play #ICRPG and knew that I would be using initiative during combat. After searching for various ways to track initiatives, I decided to create my own. I worked on the template in illustrator but wanted to make it easier to input the information I wanted. I turned the template into a PDF where I could fill the blanks. To use these, all you have to do is fill in the blanks, print, and cut. This Initiative tracker was created to be used with #ICRPG but can be used for many other pen & paper games.

Here is the final look.

The picture is turned upside down because when folded that's the part the players will be seeing. Also, when you type the name of the character or creature, it will automatically add it on top of the picture. The name will display on top of the stats and also on top of the character picture. In the first picture, I blacked out the name because I didn't want my players to know who or what they were up against. Because of the design, only round pictures will look nice here. But no worries, you can go to and use their Token Stamp Creator to make your designs. I also have a template for standees and use the same website.

Note that the picture upload only works if you use Adobe Acrobat DC or if you convert your .jpeg image to PDF.

To convert your .jpeg to PDF you can use Just make sure to change the file type to pdf when browsing for the image on the initiative template.

In the stats section, you can enter the information you want to see as the dm/gm. (does it matter what it's called?)

I included the AC just in case I wanted them to have different AC. The same goes with HP. But if you follow #ICRPG heart rules, you may display how many hearts it has (e.g. 1) or the actual hp per heart (e.g. 10, 20, ...).

Speed is another addition made for my game, as I am using a grid system during battles. The rest of the stats are self-explanatory and there is also a small "note" section.

But enough about the design, here's how it works.

Once you set the order and the first character takes its turn, you move it back.

That leaves room for the next character to move once it takes its turn.

And this goes on until all the characters have shifted and the process will start all over again.

Get the PDF Form down below.

Download PDF • 750KB

If you like this tool you can support my creations by buying me a cup of coffee.

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