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Welcome 2021!

This year I'm going to be making Youtube videos along with streaming my artwork on twitch. I'm new to Youtube so I will be learning how to edit and make more interesting content as I go.

During 2020, I did not work as much as I could on improving my art skills. For 2021 my goal will be just that. To get better every day and improve my art skills. The plan is to stream on Twitch as I'm creating the artwork in order to show you my process. The streaming schedule is Monday to Friday from 8 pm to 11 pm PST. I will be working on creative streams Monday to Thursday and on Fridays I will be playing games with the Sour Community.

I also plan on being more active on social media using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube. Each of these platforms will serve a different purpose in order to not dump too much content onto a single one. They will work as follows:

  • Instagram: This Will be used to post finished content and sneak peeks,

  • Snapchat: Used to post art content that is considered behind the scenes.

  • Twitch: Here is where I live stream while working on art or playing video games.

  • Twitter: Used for "general" social content. Not just art posts but also everyday stuff.

  • Youtube: I plan on posting vlogs twice a month for now.

Other social media that I

I have an Art and Design Degree and feel that I have not utilized it at all. I want to focus on getting better and eventually making a career out of it. As soon as I received my degree I was unable to secure a job in the art field and settled for a regular job. Once working I completely ignored my degree and just worked to pay my bills. If I would have been persistent I'm sure that I would have eventually gotten a job in the art field that would have helped me improve my skills tenfold. From the time of this post, it's been 10 years and I feel that my art skills have remained pretty stagnant.

If 2020 has thought us anything it is to not rely on companies for a job. Yes, a pandemic doesn't happen that frequently but every day people get laid off for plenty of reasons. There are many types of jobs that I can perform with my degree. It all depends on my skills and experience. Being my own boss will not only make me self reliant but will also improve my lifestyle as I will be working doing something I enjoy.

This year I will definitely become a better artist and will bring you along on my journey. I also hope that I inspire you to take action. To take the first step towards your own journey and reach your life goals.

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