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Art Challenge Idea List

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

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I decided to add this list to the blog for all the artists on the interwebs. Art Challenges are a great way to step out of our comfort zone, learn new things, expand ideas, and improve your skills. It is a good idea to start with an #ArtChallenge you are familiar with and then ease onto more difficult ones.

Art challenges help artists in various ways by having them create daily artwork in most cases. I, for example, have neglected my sketchbook for months at a time and that can only hurt my skills. Creating daily art is the only way to improve and become a better artist.


I will be updating this list as I learn about new challenges.

If you participate in any of the challenges make sure to #hashtag it for others to see.

Daily Challenges

  • #100Feet - Straight to the point. Draw 100 feet.

  • #DrawThisAgain - This challenge lets you see how much you've improved. You take a drawing you've done in the past and draw it again.

  • #DrawThisInYourStyle - Take an existing artwork and draw it again in your style.

  • #ToonMe - Take a photo of yourself and redraw half or your face/body.

Monthly Challenges


  • #MerMay - Draw a mermaid every day for the month of May.


  • #KaiJune - Draw a Kaiju every day of the month..


  • #Sketchtember - 30 days of sketching! This challenge is not very complicated as most artists already sketch daily.


  • #Inktober - Make a drawing with ink every day. Like many of these challenges, you do not need a prompt list. If you want a list you can check out the official Inktober site here.


  • #Huevember - For this challenge, you select a hue and use it to create an art piece for each day of November. You may use all the colors within the hue to create your art.

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